According to a release from the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, a 64-year-old grandfather was arrested for murder after allegedly shooting his son in Rabun, Ala.

Hubbard Junior Hall was involved in a domestic fight with his son, 41-year-old Mark Hall, over Hall’s treatment of his 12-year-old daughter on Tuesday night. The fight became physical and that is when Hubbard Hall produced a handgun and shot his son.

When deputies arrived on the scene, Hall was found lying on the floor of their home in Rabun. He was transported to USA Medical Center in Mobile for treatment and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the incident started in the son’s ride home with his daughter and wife from a softball game in Mobile. After receiving a phone call about his daughter, Hall began to strike and “pop” his daughter.

When they arrived at the grandparent’s residence on Van Harville Road, that is when the argument erupted between Hubbard Hall and Mark Hall.

Hubbard Hall is being held in the Baldwin County Corrections Center Wednesday morning on a $50,000 bond.