LUCEDALE, Miss. (WKRG) – On Sunday, we saw pop-up showers and storms in the morning that lasted through the evening. Some of those storms had gusty winds and the potential for some brief spin-up tornadoes. We got some viewer comments and photos of damage from George County, Mississippi.

First, was a video from Casey Passeau that was taken at 7:20 AM Sunday near the Rocky Creek community. With trees blocking the base of the cloud, it was hard to stay what the video was. It does appear to be a wall cloud which could have produced brief rotation, but again, it was hard to tell in the video.

Next, Ryan Wilkins caught something interesting on his security footage. In his video, you can see flashes of white in the top right corner just left of the time stamp. This could be rotation, a funnel cloud, strong winds, or a tornado. It is hard to tell in the video what exactly that flash of white was, but Ryan did see some snapped trees on his property.

Traveling into the Brushy Creek and Rocky Creek area, trees were snapped on Highway 98 with a tree on a mobile home in that area. There were also reports of damaged trees, boats, vehicles, and sheds. One shed could be seen strewn through a field in pieces with metal curled up.

The National Weather Service is set to survey the damage in the next couple of days to determine if the damage is from a tornado or straight-line winds. It may take a few days since there is still some tree damage from Hurricane Zeta in this community that can be hard to separate out.

If you do have any damaged videos or photos, please send them to the First Alert Storm Team or the National Weather Service in Mobile.