Generational Gap: What The “Don’t Go To School” Meme Means To Teens vs Adults


Lately, we’ve seen a lot of this in the news–students who have posed with guns in memes that read “don’t got to school tomorrow”. But one woman says there is a whole social media world that parents are unaware of.

“They were not here for Columbine, that happened two years before they were born, they were born the year of 9/11, Virginia Tech they were six, they don’t have the fear and the panic that we have in our hearts when they see these things.”

This mother, who didn’t want to be identified, is talking about the latest social media trend among students—those memes that say don’t go to school tomorrow. Lately, we’ve seen them in the news with someone holding a gun, but they didn’t start out that way.

“With internet culture, nothing gets taken seriously, it’s very sarcastic, ironic, satirical because it’s sort of a coping mechanism.”

This 21-year-old woman who also doesn’t want to be identified is closer to the understanding of the younger generation. There are hundreds of the “don’t go to school tomorrow” memes. Most of them are harmless, with dart guns, nerf guns, even Mario with his cannon.

“To them, it’s not coming across because they’re not as afraid because they are kids.”

But to the adults who have seen these school shootings with an adult mindset, it is something completely different. And this woman wants to see something done about it.

“We have to bridge this gap on both sides to protect our children, they are valuable parts of our future! We have to be educated and we have to educate them as well.”

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