A little over a week ago, 90-year-old Booker Green was shot in the shoulder when four suspects demanded money. Green died last Wednesday, making it an active murder investigation.

Thursday, July 21 this was the scene on Patton Avenue near MLK Jr Drive. 90-year-old Booker Green was shot in the shoulder after refusing to give money to four suspects. At least one of them was armed.

“Mr. Green was a very unique individual, one of a kind. A man that’s as humble as they get in the world,” says James.

Green died almost a week later from his injuries. Pastor W. A. James knew Green for 50 years.

“A man that held the highest respect for his neighbors, his community and his neighborhood,” says James.

He says even though Green retired in 1989, he never stopped wearing a suit and tie.

“If he come down the street when I’m coming out the door, I’m going to wave. And when I’m coming out my house and he’s coming up the street, we’re going to wave. I mean, he was just that kind of guy!” says James.

“He was a wonderful, nice, good going man, you know,” says Tony Bento.

Not even a week after Green’s death and all four suspects are in custody. 21-year-old Xavier Graham, 25-year-old Glenn Tabb, 24-year-old James Crandle and his brother, 18-year-old Gregory Crandle.

“You never know, we just have some bad people living in this bit here,” says Bento.

“I truly hope that justice prevails on his behalf. Because he did not deserve to get the ungodly and demeaning treatment he received,” says James.

There will be a vigil on Thursday at 6:30 on Patton Avenue. Green’s funeral will be Saturday at St. Louis Street Baptist Church.