(CNN) — A former Coast Guard Lieutenant with violent white nationalist beliefs received a 13-year prison sentence on Friday, January 31st.

Federal prosecutors say Christopher Hasson had a hit list made up of journalists, democratic politicians, and supreme court justices.

When he was arrested, authorities found a stockpile of steroids, smoke grenades, sniper rifles, and body armor.

Authorities also found pistols, a silencer, shotguns and knives, all for the conflict they say he planned to initiate.

Hasson worked at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

He originally came under suspicion after software used by the coast guard identified suspicious activity on his work computer.

Prosecutors originally asked for a 25-year sentence for Hasson for his planned white nationalist terror campaign.

His defense attorney’s argued that Hasson was addicted to painkillers and had no real intentions of harming anyone.

The 50-year old Hasson worked out a plea deal for the thirteen year, four month sentence.