The five-year-old dog was described as a member of the family, raised from a puppy but Monday afternoon it attacked the one person who may have loved him the most.

“My pit bull attacked my wife for no reason, bit a big hole in her side. If the law don’t get him, he’s a dead dog here.”

The dog Milton Weeks raised from a 6-month-old puppy, crated and taken out of the house. Half an hour earlier.

his wife was airlifted to a trauma center after the dog attacked. “I had to pick up an electric heater and hit him across the head and then he jumped at me.”

Weeks says an argument inside the home sparked the attack but it wasn’t the first time the dog had bitten someone. “He bit other people cause they violated our property but this time it went too far, it attacked my wife.”

“It didn’t hurt for real. I didn’t feel nothing.” Jackson Turner is a neighbor who has scars from his tangle with the dog named Bosco. “I jumped the fence and he came out the door, walked up to me, sniffed me and stuff, hit me and bit me.”

After those bites, family and friends told Weeks to get rid of the dog. Now, he wishes he’s listened. “Anybody got any pit bulls get rid of ’em cause I never thought it would attack my wife.”

The dog is being held for now by animal control. Normally it would be quarantined or tested for rabies but the dog’s owner has asked that it be euthanized.