MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG)- A 3-alarm fire that occurred Saturday night at Jaguar Cleaners & Laundromat closed the entire University shopping center for at least the remainder of the weekend.

The fire that started in the attic of the laundromat spread across the roof of at least five different businesses.

Neighborhoods surrounding the shopping center say they lost power for a short amount of time last night due to the fire.

“We could smell the fire last night,” Kieth Acton said.

Sunday, customers were shocked to be turned away from the laundromat, Chef King and Supercuts finding ashes and roofing instead.

Other customers like Bob Mckeand heard the news and came to check out the damage for himself. He says he just picked up his clothes from the laundromat Saturday morning.

“I still have my clothes…  but I mean they had a ton of clothes on the conveyor belt, so a lot of people lost stuff,” Mckeand said. 

Customer, Joe Murray had half of his jean and shirt collection at the laundromat and lost it all to the flames.

“They got burnt, or watered, or ashed, or smoked, or something. But they are probably not usable anymore,” Murray said.

Murray has been a customer of the shops in the University shopping center for 20 years and he is disappointed to see some of these businesses destroyed from the flames.

“It happens,” Murray said “It simply happens and what you’ve got to do is deal with it.” 

One firefighter was injured during the fire after falling from the edge of the roof, he was transported to the hospital. The firefighter remains in serious condition.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.