It’s a crime that shocked the Laotian community in south Mobile county late last year.  Now the family of murder victim Somphith Khemmanivanh say they’re stunned to learn a 16-year-old is charged with his murder.  

The body of 45-year-old Somphith Khemmanivanh was found outside an empty home in a rural part of the county late last year.  Late last week the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office arrested Abdel Shihadeh and charged him with murder and said he took part in robbing Khemmanivanh at just 16-years-old.

“Because of his age, I would have thought it would have been someone older,” said the victim’s niece Jinda Khemmanivanh.  Family members say they don’t know the young man accused of this crime and they don’t know what connection he could have had to the victim.  The sheriff’s office confirmed the crime was drug-related.  They say this crime hurts two lives, the victim and the young man charged with the crime.  

“I feel sorry for my brother and feel sorry for him too,” said the victim’s brother Jimmy.  The Mobile County Sheriff’s office tells us Shihadeh.  Shihadeh bonded out of jail earlier in the week.  We’ve reached out to multiple Facebook accounts that are using his name and picture but have yet to hear back.