MADISON, Ala. – (WHNT) – After the nightmare of losing a daughter, the mother of 22-year-old Chi McDade is turning her pain into passion to educate boys and girls about the signs of domestic abuse.

Chi McDade, an Alabama A&M University graduate and cheerleader, was allegedly shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend last week during an argument, according to Limestone County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators say the woman’s ex-boyfriend is charged with killing her in a domestic violence incident.

Her mother says the violence came as no surprise and that Chi made several attempts to leave the relationship.

22-year-old Chi McDade graduated from Alabama A&M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in biology and cheered for the A&M Bulldogs. (Rasheba McGowan)

“We talked about her future and where he fit in her future,” Chi’s mother, Oni Hasan told News 19. “And then at one point, she made the choice to move and she moved two hours away from him.”

Even after relocating to prepare for medical school, Chi’s ex-boyfriend, Antonio Burks managed to catch up to her.

Chi’s loss leaves a trail of grief, but loved ones are taking that pain and turning it into a passion for domestic violence awareness. “I have never felt a pain like this before,” Hasan said holding back tears.

Through the hurt and pain, her mother fights for her death to not be in vain.

“It’s an awareness journey, it’s a platform, and I don’t want my daughter to be snuffed out for nothing and then two months from now we’re talking about the next guy or the next girl instead of her,” Hasan continued.

Former cheer coach Rasheba McGowan told News 19 that their coaching staff is taking immediate action to educate their cheerleaders about the red flags of domestic violence. “We’re bringing in and including Title IX, who are the experts who understand this and have that conversation to talk about it more,” McGowan said.

But despite everything, those that loved her say Chi’s “infectious” personality lives on in the lives she’s touched.

Hasan now plans on traveling to local middle and high schools to share her daughter’s story while teaching young teens about the different categories and dangers of domestic abuse.

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