MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — E. Maxine Cleveland with the Morning Coffee Inspiration. We wanted to talk about how to fortify our family. How do you do that?

Guest: Well, it begins with our faith and we will find that through faith we teach that family should pray together, worship together, and even study the word of God together.

Anchor: What are the threats to the family that we can encounter on a regular basis?

Guest: Well, there’s a plethora of things that come to mind, but time doesn’t permit for all of them. So let’s identify three I think are probably the most threat to the family, and I would say that would be materialism, secularism and the negative effect that media has on the family.

Anchor: What’s a good balance between a family that’s busy and a family that’s so busy that they could be pulling themselves apart?

Guest: I answer it in a way of saying how to create it would be through selflessness if we would spend less time being focused on self and driven by the things that we desire. The things that we want and be more connected with. You know how we can be present at the moment, build relationships and also do that with spiritual values.