MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — With the leak of a draft US Supreme Court opinion, Roe versus Wade and what has been called a right to an abortion may be outlawed in some states. It’s an issue many in Christian communities have been campaigning for over decades. Blake Newsom at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary talks to us about the general reaction to the opinion from the pro-life perspective.

Guest: Yeah, I would say we’re cautiously celebratory. That’s certainly my reaction. I’m celebrating the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade at the same time I’m cautious understanding the final decision is yet to be handed down so cautiously celebratory.

Anchor: Why has this been an issue that was important and still is important to many Christian denominations?

Guest: It’s important because abortion contradicts historically held Christian beliefs. We believe human life is a sacred gift and human beings uniquely bear the image of God. So the intentional ending of human life is wrong, and since abortion is the intentional ending of human life, we believe abortion is wrong and goes against God’s design For human flourishing.

Anchor: Pro-choice advocates argue abortion restrictions interfere with personal health choices and can put women in danger. How do you respond to that argument?

Guest: Well, I would say discussing abortion in terms of choice to be honest with you seems a bit disingenuous. A woman has multiple choices concerning participation and the kind of activity that produces children. There’s abstinence, birth control, and other prophylactics other methods that can be employed, and then, after a baby is conceived, adoption is a choice. So I’m not against choices, I’m against the choice that ends a human life.

Anchor: How do you approach someone on the pro-choice side through a lens of love and not judgment and condemnation?

Guest: that’s where I have the opportunity to talk to him about Jesus. Jesus, the author of life. He offers life to all. Jesus demonstrated his love by dying sacrificially for the sin of all people, resurrecting from the dead, and defeating sin and death. So I am pro-life and I’m against abortion and I am also pro-life and that I want people to experience tThe hope, peace, forgiveness and new life offered by Jesus.

Anchor: If the draft opinion reverts abortion regulation to the states, where do you see pro-life and the movement itself going from there? Is there another goal that’s left to accomplish?

Guest: Well, I would say the ultimate goal is always to save lives and part of that is helping individuals understand the issues. More honestly, I believe at that point if it were to happen, there would be a new level of work for the Pro-Life movement. The Pro Life movement iIt’s been rather restricted in terms of policy and laws because of Roe V Wade. So at that point, we would need to persuade legislatures at the state levels to pass laws protecting the unborn. So the fight would just shift battle.

Anchor: Well, we talk about reaching out to people on the Pro-choice side of the aisle. How do you reach them with a message of love a lot of people when they get a message from a Christian kind of react, you know that they’re upset?

Guest: Yeah, yeah, it’s true. Oftentimes we’re known so much for what we’re against. I try to frame it in terms of just defining what abortion is. What life is and what we’re talking about and doing it in a fair and honest way that represents sides honestly and fairly. And then we can talk about it and get to some logical and some hopeful conclusions for what we do moving forward and how we can work together on this issue.