Some would say the Brick Pit is a Mobile institution. It’s been around for 24 years. It was in danger of closing, but now there may be a happy ending to the story.

The Brick Pit is known for its laid-back atmosphere with pictures of celebrities and names scrawled on the walls, even the ceiling. Equally as famous is its food.

“I was on my way from Pennsylvania to New Orleans and I had this restaurant in a book and I stopped by and here I am! It’s really good!” says Bob Lersch.

It’s just a humble house sitting on Old Shell Road, and for a long time, customers weren’t coming. Owner Bill Armbrecht says city road projects were partly to blame.

“They did resurfacing from University Boulevard up Old Shell Road, MAWSS came after that and started digging holes out of it and stopping traffic, and then Alabama Power comes along and tree trimming afterwards and starts stopping traffic!” says Armbrecht.

This, on the heels of them still reeling from the recession. So he did something drastic.

“And that’s a tough call to make,” says Armbrecht.

They posted on Facebook, saying the place was on the brink of extinction. This place that’s been featured on the Travel Channel, Cooking Channel, Food Network, and in publications like Southern Living.

Armbrecht was certain he was watching the sun set on the Brick Pit. But then, as the son rose, something miraculous happened.

“And suddenly today, it was like the flood gates opened and people poured in here!” says Armbrecht.

“I’ve never eaten here before but it’s really good,” says USA student Faith Abraham.

“We just love the atmosphere,” says Patrick Odom.

“This one is really special. It was my first time eating here, I would definitely come back,” says Logan Maddox.

“It’s one of those hole-in-the-wall places but turns out to be really good,” says Brendan Hess.

So for the time being, it would appear this place has been given a second chance.

“I feel like God’s hand is, you know, I’m a man of faith and I do believe that he’s doing something here,” says Armbrecht.

Armbrecht says the influx has bought them some time, but they may go looking for a more marketable location. Even if they do that, he says he’d really like to keep this location open just because of the history there.