‘F*** You Sheriff’ Added to ‘F*** You Trump’ Sticker

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RICHMOND, Texas (CNN) — The driver of a truck with an expletive sticker slamming President Trump has added another name to the decal.

Truck owner, Karen Fonseca has scheduled a news conference for tomorrow morning.  She makes no apologies about her expletive anti-Trump sticker and now one targeting the Fort Bend County Sheriff.

“The change came about today. We had been thinking about it and decided, Troy Nehls didn’t think twice when he put the Facebook post up and exposed me and my family. We’re getting more positive than negative. But at the same time, I feel it was gone about the wrong way and the sticker is appropriate.”

The saga began when Sheriff Troy Nehls posted a picture of the truck on social media.  They were searching for the driver after receiving calls from some people who were offended by the display.  He threatened disorderly conduct charges.

The Sheriff removed the post once Fonseca was identified. She was arrested but on a previous outstanding warrant on a fraud charge.

Brian Middleton, Fonseca’s Attorney, “I think it’s ludicrous to think that the Sheriff needed to go to Facebook to locate her. He has professional detectives under his employment who could have easily found Ms. Fonseca if they needed to find her.”

Fonseca says she first put the sticker on her husband’s truck about 11 months ago, voicing her disapproval for Trump’s proposed border wall and says the family is expressing their first amendment rights.

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