One of the biggest rivalries in college football is coming up this weekend. It is the 87th Iron Bowl game between in-state rivals Alabama and Auburn. In its 86-game history dating back to 1893, some games have been played in extreme weather.

Some of the games have been played on really cold days. Looking at average daytime temperatures the coldest gameday was November 26, 1977, when the game was played in Birmingham. The average temperature that day was 32.5 degrees, with a high of 39 and a low of 26 degrees.

On the opposite side of the temperature spectrum, there have been some really warm game days. Based on average daytime temperatures, the warmest game day was back on November 30, 1991. The average temperature that day was 69.5 degrees in Birmingham, with a daytime high of 74 and a morning low of 65 degrees.

When it comes to rain at the Iron Bowl most games are dry. It has only rained on 20 percent of the game days. That is 17 out of 86 games that have had measurable rainfall. The wettest game day was back in 1983 with more than 4 inches of rainfall reported in Birmingham. During this game not only did storms bring blinding rain, but they also prompted a tornado warning for the stadium. Thankfully, there was no tornado at the stadium. The second wettest gameday was back in 1967 with just 0.70 of an inch. Even though this was not the wettest game, the rainfall from storms that day made the field a muddy mess.