A mother in Spanish Fort has been arrested after police say she hosted a house party with multiple teenagers drinking.

Police arrested Rebecca Lott Tuesday after receiving a noise complaint early that morning about a house party in the Timbercreek subdivision.

Officers found about 20 teens there, some as young as 14 and several drinks and beer cans around the house.

Lott was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Police say she could also be charged with violating Alabama’s open house party law.

The party was apparently for her son’s 18th birthday. Police say Lott claimed she didn’t know they were drinking.

“You can’t control everything even at your house when there is that many kids that are drinking and they don’t have the wherewithal yet to make good decisions when they are drinking and you never know what kids are coming or what kids are going,” said Daphne Police Captain Jud Beedy. “We have seen too many kids get hurt and injured and end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning because of binge drinking because of decisions like this.”

The home is in the same subdivision, where a Spanish Fort High School student was allegedly raped by a classmate last year.

Cameron Harrison was arrested in that incident and is awaiting trial. Cathy Roberts was also arrested for hosting the party and providing alcohol.