MOBILE, Ala (WKRG) — More and more people are coming in contact with deadly drugs and overdoses are getting all too common.

The Drug Education Council addressed the Mobile city council meeting Wednesday to emphasize the importance of teaching young people about the dangers of street drugs.

According to Virginia Guy from the Drug Education Council, 90% of addiction begins in the teen years.

Guy took to the city council podium to urge people to inform themselves and their loved ones on the risks associated with drug use, now more than ever.

She says that the longer drug use is delayed, the less likely it is that a person will develop an addiction later in life and although drug misuse knows no age, neither does the Council’s outreach.

“We know that education is the answer to preventing it so we want to start talking with kids when they’re very young about the dangers,” said Guy, the Executive Director. “We know that one pill can kill and if they take something from a friend, they could possibly have something in it that’s like fentanyl that can be very deadly.”

In addition to fentanyl, their programs address the use of other drugs as well as alcohol.

“We are working in schools that are K-12 and so all of our programs are age and cultural specific,” said Guy. “We want to be able to talk to kids at the level that they understand so we start out with little kids when we talk to them about the difference in drugs and candy and not taking anything from anybody.”

The Drug Education Council’s programs that are geared towards teenagers mainly address issues like the dangers of buying prescription drugs off the streets and the risks associated with vaping.

Guy encourages those who are interested in learning more about the safety precautions to take in relation to drugs or alcohol to visit their office, located at 3000 Television Ave.

Click here for a link to their website.