We know William Boyette Junior is a dangerous man. And looking at his past offenses confirms it.

He was arrested in Santa Rosa County in 2014 on charges on probation violation and battery. In 2015, he was arrested by Escambia County deputies and here’s where you get a real sense of who Boyette is. Charges listed include aggravated assault, battery, two counts of aggravated battery, kidnapping or false imprisonment, and obstructing justice.

And this is just a slice of the pie that is Boyette’s criminal history. Escambia County Sheriff’ David Morgan says there’s much more.

“This gentleman has a long criminal history, going back to 1992. We cannot release all of that information at this time, but I will tell you that he is what those in law enforcement refer to as frequent flyers,” says Morgan.

We checked the jail logs and could only find Boyette in Escambia County, Florida and Santa Rosa County, Florida. We could not find any record of him being arrested in any county in Alabama.