JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WKRG) — Drivers have to detour in the wake of the Highway 26 collapse, and transportation officials are worried about how bridges on the most direct alternate route are going to hold up.

That route is State Highway 614 in Jackson County, south of where the road collapse occurred.

“Both bridges were put in service around 1959,” said Bran Cumbest with the Jackson County Commission. “The bridges just need fixing.”

He said transportation officials aren’t too concerned about the additional commuter traffic the bridges will have to hold – but they are worried about an increase in truck traffic.

We asked how they’re going to monitor that and keep the bridges safe and drivable.

“Just having somebody out there watching,” said Cumbest. “We literally just have to put eyes on it. Maybe put some cameras out there. But we’ve got to be careful. Like I said – the bridges are bad – we don’t want to make them worse.”

As for repairing Highway 26 – engineers with the Mississippi Department of Transportation say they don’t have an exact estimate, but it will be “months.”