Todays edition of Destination Gulf Coast was one that definitely put me in the holiday spirit as I visited The Wharf to see all of the holiday fun that they had in store! Initially, my plan was to start the day off by doing some ice skating at The Wharf, but instead I was met by a special guest who wanted to say hello; it was none other than Santa Clause himself! We shared a couple of Ho-Ho-Ho’s and Ha-Ha-Ha’s, as Santa told me about all the cool things happenings at The Wharf as Santa explained “There’s pictures with Santa Clause. There’s the Polar Express, there’s carriage rides, and the Ferris Wheel!”

After talking to Santa, and doing a few (embarrassing) laps around the skating rink, it was time for me to see what else was in store for me at The Wharf. This is when I met up with the official spokesperson for The Wharf Jim Cox. Jim went on to tell me that the place to be for New Years Eve was there because” we’ve got our confetti drop for the kids so they’re able to kind of get that celebration of the New Year’s feeling, and of course we reel in the New Year starting at 5 o’clock, and at midnight we will drop the marlin. We have our Marlin Drop here, live music, everything going on. So, New Year’s Eve, this is the place to be all day right here at The Wharf.”

It was great to see my old friend Jim again, but it was time to say our goodbyes as I was looking forward to doing some Christmas shopping, and even made a stop by Santa’s Workshop! It was a great time at The Wharf, and if you want to get into the holiday spirit, this is the perfect place to start!