A man and woman are charged with child neglect and several drug charges after investigators found them passed out inside a truck with a three year old child inside. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputies say syringes, methamphetamine and Oxycodone were within easy reach of the child. 

Deputies were on patrol when they saw the truck parked at a gas pump at the Tom Thumb Store on West James Lee Boulevard around 10:30pm on Monday night. According to investigators, 23-year old Amanda Hatton and 31-year old Jared Smith were found unresponsive in the front seats of the vehicle with drugs and uncapped needles nearby. Deputies searched the truck and found methamphetamine and a powder form of Oxycodone. The three year old child was asleep in the backseat and deputies say the child could have easily reached the drugs and needles.

Charles Stewart lives in the area where the couple was found passed out.

“Well it’s pretty irresponsible for some idiots to be doing that and have a kid around,” Stewart said. “If they decide they want to do something like that they should not have the kid around.”

Kyle Tobin also lives in the area.

“The drug problem around here is pretty rampant,” Tobin said. “There’s a lot of drug uses and drug activity. Things are just getting bad around here.”

According to investigators, the couple had been passed out for two hours.