The Secretary of State’s Office of Mississippi and the State’s Department of Marine Resources, along with Mississippi State’s Geosystems Research Institute have successfully mapped Deer Island off of Biloxi using a drone.

Mississippi State’s drone program is one of the best in the country and they were allowed to come down and put their mapping skills and drone knowledge into a real life application by being able to map the island.

The mapping provides more than a couple of purposes. There is the benefit to the scientific side because they were able to produce high-resolution visible maps, maps of the islands vegetation, and get a 3D perspective of the habitat. The other purpose from this project is in hopes to help promote the island and what it has to offer.

Deer Island West

Deer Island is an undeveloped island, but it is still a popular attraction on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “The goal of this project is for people to stay one more day and maybe give tourists or even residents a new perspective of what this Island can offer to them” said Melissa Scallan of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. She went on to say that there is a new pier that boats can dock on, extensive walking trails, beaches, and can be accessed by kayak. At this moment in time there is no charter boat service that can get you to the island, so either you would have to kayak or take a personal craft to access the Island.

Deer Island Beach

Deer Island plays a pivotal role on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Along with being an attraction, it serves a natural barrier to storms.