Former White House Press Secretary turned Fox News co-host Dana Perino made a stop in Pensacola this weekend.  Perino has a new book out titled, “And the Good News Is…”

The book talks about her upbringing, and how she became only the second woman in history to serve as press secretary. She served in that role in the George W. Bush administration.   But, it maybe her current role as a Fox News co-host that had hundreds pack the Barnes and Noble for her book signing event.  With Jeb Bush entering the 2016 race along with Marco Rubio from Florida already in the running, we asked her for her thoughts on the Presidential race to this point.

“We’ve got a big election coming up and there’s not a contest on the Democratic side, there’s a huge contest on the Republican side, I think the field is stronger in 2016 than in 2012,  but it’s also larger and it’s presenting some problems and I think what voters really want is to start narrowing that down and decide who is the person they want to back,” said Dana Perino, Former White House Press Secretary

Perino told us she has no plans at this time to return to politics.