The City of Mobile is getting ready to handle an influx of people.

“We’re excited! We’re going to show them not only what the Gulf of Mexico is about, but also what Mobile is about,” says GulfQuest PR Coordinator Jeremy Bonds.

On Monday we will see a cruise ship docked here at the terminal. No–it’s not the Carnival Fantasy, it’s a Canadian cruise that started in Quebec and will make its way around to New Orleans. But on Monday, it’ll be stopping here and 700 passengers will be converging on Mobile.

The Azamara Quest is host to 700 Australians on a month-long cruise. Mayor Sandy Stimpson will be there to greet them and Waterfront Coordinator Pat Brennan says they’re ready.

“Just outside the terminal they’re going to be met by buses that have been signed up for tours and go out to various attractions and then other passengers are just going to be, hopefully walking in our beautiful city and partake in its restaurants and museums and so forth,” says Brennan.

They’re hoping one of those museums will be the GulfQuest.

“You walk right in and you see a giant container ship and it’s the S.S. McLean which is basically who invented containerization and he’s from Mobile,” says Bonds.

Also on display will be our oak-lined streets and downtown shops and restaurants, like Pizzeria Delphina.

“We’ll have a couple extra on each, front of the house and back of the house, just to be prepared, make sure we’re covered on all aspects,” says Jonathan Mouch.

Most importantly, we hope they leave here with a better understanding of true southern hospitality.

And something very exciting–Mobile may become a regular stop for this cruise ship in the future. We know they have at least one voyage scheduled next March that leaves from Miami and will stop here, then New Orleans, and Mexico.