A Crestview native wins a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics today.

Mia Manganello won the medal in team pursuit speed skating. Her mother Karen says her daughter has trained very hard for this and it’s been a lifelong dream.

“She Facetimed me after the race,” Manganello said. “She was like mom can you believe this? She goes, you’re not even surprised are you? And I said no, super happy but not surprised.”

Manganello says her daughter started inline skating when she was a kid, but switched to ice when she was 13, then took a six-year break to become a cyclist.

She says the entire community is proud of Mia.

“It’s a dedication,” Manganello said. “It has to come from within. If you don’t have that heart for it you know, it’s just not going to happen.”

Manganello says her daughter has another race on Saturday and they are fully confident she will come out on top.