Country’s in Trouble but Things are Good Here


People in Lower Alabama may have serious concerns over how things in the nation are going, but they are mostly pleased about how things are in the local communities.

According to a News 5/Strategy Research Poll, 73-percent of people in Lower Alabama think America is on the wrong track, but only 38-percent think their local community is.

The divide is most striking in Baldwin County where 68-percent say their local community is on the right track, while 81-percent say the nation is on the wrong track.

“This is absolutely driven by presidential politics,” said Pollster Jon Gray. He attributes Baldwin County’s negative national outlook on its extremely conservative political view coming out of eight years of a Democratic White House.

And he says the positivity for the local direction might be a reflection of how the poll was conducted. We asked people first about the nation, and then about their home community.

“I think it’s a comparative response because I ask you what you think about the country and where we’re going and you say ‘oh we’re in a really bad place’ and then I ask you about what do you think about your local community and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘I sure would like the nation to look more like my community looks,’” he said. “If we had only asked the local question the numbers would be very different.”

People feel much better about their local community than the country….on both sides of Mobile Bay, but the gap is much bigger in Baldwin County where only 19-percent say the nation is on the right track but more than two-thirds say their local community is. People in Mobile County and the City of Mobile are less harsh in their assessment of the country but also less praising of their local communities.

“We see a lot of people taking about the battle of Mobile County versus Baldwin County on where people want to live or quality of life and in these numbers we also see a difference,” Gray said. “People in Baldwin County think things are more on the right track than people in Mobile County think things are on the right track.”

Still, more than half of people in Mobile County (57%) think things locally are on the right track, and two-thirds in Baldwin County (68%).

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