CNBC: Alabama the Worst Place to Live? Come See for Yourself


UPDATE: Scott Cohn posted a response on Facebook saying that he has visited Alabama. But his state his opinion relied on data including measurable aspects of Quality of Life such as crime rates and health care.

Alabama friends:

Let me assure you I have been to your state many times. Had some amazing meals in Birmingham, enjoyed the beach in Gulf Shores, on and on. I’ve always found it to be a lovely place. But my opinion does not enter into our America’s #TopStates for Business rankings. We rely on data–including the measurable aspects of Quality of Life; things like crime rates, air quality, health and health care, etc. Is that a perfect measure? Of course not. For one thing, it does not–can not–take into account the intangibles that make you love your home. (Then again, if I tried to measure the best and worst barbecue, for example, I’d be in even bigger trouble with whoever came in last!) But the thing about the data we look at is that it is the same data that businesses look at when they decide where to locate. So I encourage you to look at our whole study at Keep an open mind. We’re not telling you to love your state any less than you do. But we always hope to start a conversation, and it looks like we really did that this year! Thanks for reading and watching.

Dear Scott Cohn and CNBC,

As a TV station in the “worst state to live in,” we would like to invite you down to Alabama for a visit.

You can pick any time of the year; they’re all great here. Whether you’re putting your toes in the sand at Gulf Shores on a sunny summer afternoon, or yelling “Roll Tide” and “War Eagle” during football season, you can’t pick a bad time to come.

We must warn you though, we will put sugar in your tea and serve you up some of the best bar-b-que and seafood you’ve ever tasted, so you better come with an appetite.  We suppose our love of good cooking might also be our weakness since “health” issues are among the data points you compiled for your list of rankings.

We know we’re not perfect, but we also know that picking the best and worst states to live probably should rely on more than the categories in your article.

We hope you pay us a visit.

From the Sweet Home Alabama,

WKRG Staff

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