City of Mobile finds success in the pool


Mobile’s Will Glass swam against the great Michael Phelps last Saturday in the finals of the US Olympic trials 100-meter butterfly, while Will didn’t win, his 7th place finish makes the former McGill-Toolen High School and current University of Texas swimmer,  a hero at his pool in Mobile.

Greg Davis, CMSA Coach says, ” To see what he has done throughout the years, both here at CMSA and the University of Texas, he’s a division-one All-American,  he’s an extremely successful athlete, and has earned everything he has achieved. “

A lot of people are talking about the City of Mobile Swim Association’s recent success, 7 CMSA swimmers swam in the Olympic trials last week in Omaha,  in that group Paige Madden and Russell Noletto, “a chance to represent CMSA in the Olympic trials was really a dream come true!”

Paige Madden “you see all of the Olympians, it’s kind of scary to swim next to them, it’s really cool.”

Paige could be the next swimming star,  the UMS Wright senior is one of the top recruits in the U.S. and she’s doing work inside and outside the pool to try to go faster. “ I don’t remember my very first day here, but I remember my first meet here, I just cried my eyes out, I was so nervous, I ran up to my mom and just hugged her and cried and I think she forced me to swim a 25 backstroke, I think I was just 5.”

Russell was Will Glass’ teammate at McGill, the Auburn sophomore got a taste of the big-time and wants more, Noletto, “just to go there really helped to develop as an athlete, both mentally and physically,  just to see the best in the world and go on to represent America, is a dream come true for a lot of swimmers.”

CMSA is a launching pad to the future, another trials participant is Marlin Brukiewicz, who swims for the Naval Academy,  his coach says he will continue to swim for his country.

Coach Davis, ”  he was able to use swimming to help him get into the Naval Academy and pursue a lifelong dream of either serving his country as a Naval Seal. or a demolition expert. “

Congratulations to the City of Mobile Swim Association.

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