FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — City of Foley employees will be getting a raise after a year-long study recently concluded. The results from the study showed certain positions needed a higher pay grade.

Whether it’s working as the city’s secretary or working for Foley Utilities, employees will soon be enjoying raises following a year-long study. City Administrator Mike Thompson explained the formula for determining the raises.

“We are looking at two things, how we compare to the market, but we are also analyzing our jobs and it really starts with the employees, the employees look at their job and they identify what’s included in their job and then it goes up to their supervisor, and their director and the HR department so we are really making sure our jobs are properly identified,” Thompson said.

The survey is conducted by Evergreen Solutions located in Tallahassee, Fla.

“The results showed that we needed raise the pay plans up a little bit, the grades, so the minimum is going to be going up about 6% and the maximum in each range is going up a little over 13%,” Thompson said.

Whether it’s a job at Foley City Hall, a job at Foley Fire Department or even a job at Foley Police Department, the City of Foley has 180 job positions and at least half of them are getting pay raises.

Thompson said they do the study every 5 years.

“It also will make us competitive in the market, because that minimum is what we normally bring new employees in at, well if it goes up, it makes us more competitive,” Thompson said.

Thompson said employees should see the raises on their next paycheck.