The invocation started by David Suhor a representative of the satanic temple, and the crowd recited the Lord’s Prayer.

It got so out of control, City Council President Charles Bare put a stop to it, and asked those who were disruptive to leave the chambers…

“If this man can show up, in July in October 31st outfit, and act like a fool,” says one protestor.

Things got worse.

“He does read the bible obviously because he has a bible in his hand,” says one woman who addressed the council.

“If someone is representing the city, not representing the city, but representing Satan, and evoke curses, that’s why you can so many people here, coming based of the word of God,” says a Reverend representing the Christian faith.

David Suhor says he only wants one thing.

“Adopt some damn rules, stop pandering for votes, stop using bayview cross to push christian agendas, and so many other issues and instead go to a moment of silence, and everybody pray or not according to their own kind,” said Suhor.