Car Fire Spreads Quickly in High Winds


Just one car created the fire that spread quickly off Interstate-10 this morning. The driver was traveling west on I-10 while running some errands.

“The car just quit on me,” said Danny Cooper, the car’s driver.  “I pulled over and I smelled smoke. I opened the hood, and it was a fire behind the motor. I think the catalytic converter got stopped up, hot and [caught] some fluids on fire.”

Pretty soon, it was not just the motor on fire. Nearby businesses off Halls Mill Road quickly learned of the fire.

“We heard something pop, and I thought a gun went off,” said Dave Minto of Minto Auto Repair Owner.  “So, I come out, look over the left and there was smoke.  I got on my four-wheeler and went over to the woods.

“There was a car on the interstate on fire — engulfed in fire. I ain’t never seen a car burn that bad.”

The fire jumped the fence towards Minto in the woods. He raced back to his workplace to warn others and call the fire department.  Other business owners were concerned.

“Saw all the fire,” said Rick Eslava, Deep South Pools Owner.  “The cops were back there, the police were back there.  It was in flames and it was like blowing back towards the warehouse.  So we just started unloading everything in the warehouse.”

The fire was put out around lunchtime.  The fire only ruined the exterior paint of one business.  Luckily no one was hurt in the fire on a day when strong winds could have made it much worse.

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