Byrne Has Change of Heart On Cuba


“Cuba is a beautiful country and the people there are really great”, said Congressman Bradley Byrne Monday afternoon in Washington D.C. He’s looking forward to a normalized relationship with Cuba that’s beneficial to both countries. Byrne sounded very optimistic after he and four other Congressmen met with that country’s Deputy Director of Trade and Investment last week. “I went to the Port of Mariel which is their new container port kind of like our new container port in Mobile. I see there are some things we can do there with transshipments of goods and containers that are coming through the Panama Canal and transshipping on to Mobile and other ports in the Gulf”.

When President Obama removed Cuba from the U.S. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, Byrne criticized him saying, “I have a hard time understanding how the President can make this decision.”

Byrne appears to have had a change of heart since his visit to the communist island nation.

“Cuba is not involved with the terrorists we see today which is mainly among islamic groups in the middle east. So, I think the President made the right decision to remove them from the terrorist list. That’s a long way from saying that we’ve worked out all of our national security issues with them, but it’s a step in the right direction and I’m glad the president took it and I’m ready to build on that by getting some mutual agreements with the Cubans with regard to our internal security, their internal security and the security of this region”.

Congressman Byrne says Cuba has a long way to go with its infrastructure, the country isn’t ready to handle an influx of tourists. He says it doesn’t have internet nor air conditioning.

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