SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — One of the changes coming as part of Apple’s upcoming iPhone software update may require you to retrain your thumbs.

Among the changes and new features being rolled out as part of the iOS 17 update will be the relocation of the “End Call” button from the center of the call screen to the bottom right.

Replacing the “End Call” button in the center of the call screen will be the button that brings up the Keypad, according to a screenshot displayed in a CNBC report. For long-term iPhone users, accustomed to hanging up calls by pressing the center button, there could be a period of readjustment. Some social media users are already complaining about it.

iOS 17 will be one of the biggest revamps of the iPhone phone apps in years. Beyond the end button, there are additional changes to the placement of other call features seen on past iOS versions. The “Mute” and “Speaker” buttons, for example, have swapped — as have the “FaceTime” and “Keyboard” options. And it appears the feature allowing you to search for contacts has merged with the add call option.

Other new features being rolled out include increased personalization for calls, live voicemail, FaceTime messaging, and the ability to turn your photos into stickers, according to a preview of the update on the Apple website.

The updated software is currently available in only beta form, which suggests some of the features could change before the update is rolled out.

As Apple notes on its website, the company’s beta program allows some Apple users to test out software before it’s released. Feedback from participants helps Apple identify issues and improve software programs before they’re commercially released.

The iOS 17 update is due to be officially released this fall.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.