Business Owner Asked to Take Down Billboard


For decades, his billboards have lined the highways from Fort Walton Beach all the way up into Alabama.  Business owner Cash Moore says he likes to use humor in his marketing strategy but an Okaloosa county commissioner isn’t laughing.

On the side of busy SR 4, there’s a billboard advertising for Cash Moore’s liquor stores, called ‘Cash’s.’  One side shows the owner with his daughter and two grandchildren.  Moore is wearing a diaper, and the sign reads ‘Please shop at Cash’s, we need diaper money!'”

The other side shows Moore holding up his fingers in a peace sign.  It’s what the sign reads that has the community up in arms.

‘Cash’s. Getting America Laid and Happy since 1965’ is written in big blue and red letters, a slogan Cash said is a play on Donald Trump.

County Commissioner, District 3, Nathan Boyles said he’s gotten several calls from people in the Baker Community who want the billboard taken down immediately.

“I think there was just concern that this went a little beyond Mr. Moore and what is expected from his billboards, which have been in these communities for a long time,” Boyles said.

On behalf of his constituents, Boyles wrote a letter to Moore asking him to remove the billboard.

“I respect an individuals right to make their own business decisions and I respect the free speech rights of our citizens,” said Boyles.  “So, for me, it was trying to find a balance between giving a voice to my constituents and respecting the rights of an individual to have poor taste if they choose to do so.”

He also contacted the Florida Department of Transportation.  They said they can’t do anything about the billboard.

“What’s on tv and the radio now, and they get upset over the word ‘laid’?” Moore said.  “My goodness.”

Moore said the billboards will stay.

“Now, if I had a vulgar word in there or a cuss word I could understand it,”  Moore continued.  “But ‘Be Happy and Get Laid’? Good gracious where are we at?  It’s 2017.”

It seems the issue can only be laid to rest.

“At this point, I think my role is just to give that voice to my majority concern,” Boyles concluded.  “To advise this business owner, to let him know it’s not appreciated from the constituency I represent, and I think we have to leave the issue there.”

Cash Moore said he has no intentions of taking any billboards down.  He actually put up two more on Tuesday.

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