BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Pelicans are more common than boats on the bay around Pelican Point. The goofy looking bird is a favorite among many.

“They out here just trying to eat, just like we are trying to catch some fish to eat,” says angler Donald Burrell, Jr.

So, when a pelican was found dead in a place named after the bird, black electrical tape wrapped around its beak, more tape and rope wrapped around its feet and a wing, there was outrage and shock. “Anybody that hurts old people, animals, children, wildlife, should be hung up by whatever,” says Kathleen Nazary visiting from Mississippi.

The death is being called torture by some. Fish and Wildlife agents are on the case looking for any information. “Asking us have we seen anybody messing with the birds,” says Burrell who spoke to one of the officers. “He reported that he found one with the beak and legs taped and a couple with broken wings and buckshot in a couple of em.”

Nature can be cruel often resulting in death. But this is different. There is nothing natural about this. “I cannot imagine anybody’s mentality,” says Nazary. “They have to be sick.”

Alabama Fish and Wildlife agents are actively investigating this case. Anyone with any information is asked to call their local law enforcement agency or Fish and Game at 251-441-5787.