BREAKDOWN: Wood Family Sex Case (Pictures)


Brittney Wood
Status: Missing since May 2012

Chessie WoodRelationship: Brittney’s MotherStatus: Out on bondTrial: March 28, 2016 in Mobile County

Mendy KentRelationship: Chessie Wood’s sister, Brittney’s auntStatus: Metro JailTrial: October 5, 2015 in Mobile County

Dustin KentRelationship: Mendy’s husband, Brittney’s auntStatus: Metro JailTrial: Pleaded guilty in Mobile County, awaiting sentencing

Randall WoodRelationship: Brother of Chessie Wood, Mendy Kent, Wendy Holland. Brittney’s uncleStatus: PrisonTrial: Pleaded guilty in Mobile and Baldwin Counties

Wendy HollandRelationship: Twin sister of Mendy Kent. Brittney’s auntStatus: PrisonTrial: Convicted in Baldwin County, December 2014

Donnie HollandRelationship: Wendy’s husband. Brittney’s uncleStatus: Committed suicide, May 2012

Donnie Holland, Jr.Relationship: Son of Donnie Holland. Brittney’s cousinStatus: ?Trial: Indicted in Baldwin County. Granted Youthful Offender status

Derek WoodRelationship: Brittney’s brother. Chessie’s sonStatus: ?Trial: Pleaded guilty in Baldwin County. Granted Youthfull Offender status

Billy BrownleeRelationship: Friend of Donnie HollandStatus: PrisonTrial: Convicted in Baldwin County, October 2014. Awaiting trial in Mobile County, January  7, 2016

Butch MorganRelationship: Friend of Donnie HollandStatus: Metro JailTrial: Hearing in Mobile County, August 27, 2015

James CumbaaRelationship: Friend of Donnie HollandStatus: Out on bondTrial: Hearing in Mobile County, August 27, 2015

Jennifer MooreRelationship: Friend of Wendy HollandStatus: Out on bondTrial: Arraignment Baldwin County, August 26, 2016

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