NIAGARA COUNTY, N.Y. (WIVB) — A family in Niagara County was enjoying a birthday party in their backyard Saturday when a bounce house flew away.

The family said a big gust of wind swept the bounce house off of the ground and eventually landed on some power lines. The video captured by the family shows sparks coming from the transmission tower.

National Grid told News 4 that a truck will be coming in to cut the bounce house from the power lines to remove it. They say no one’s power will be effected.

National Grid does not know what kind of damage the transmission tower has until the inflatable is removed.

News 4 talked to an owner of a local shop that rents bounce houses and he said anchoring them down properly is the most important step.

“I’m willing to bet that it wasn’t properly secured just because I’ve done thousands of rentals and I have never had one problem. Either that or some sort of crazy wind gust, but I highly doubt that, most of the time when they’re properly secured there’s no problem and you know it’s a fun amusement device for kids,” said Michael Gersitz, owner of Party in Buffalo Bounce House Rentals.

Gersitz said when securing a bounce house, using sand bags or an 18 or 24 inch stake is the best tool.

Officials said this situation could have been a lot worse, but thankfully no one was hurt and no one in the area lost any power.