On this extremely windy day, Principal Faustin weber shows me around the outside of what will be St. Michael Catholic School. Surrounded by farmland, the principal said the new school will keep that peaceful spirit.

“This is a beautiful area surrounded by cornfields catfish lakes pastures where cows are grazing it’s just a beautiful place,” said Principal Faustin Weber. Two years ago the Mobile Archdiocese began a big campaign to raise $9.5 million for the project. In 2014–we just had drawings. Last year they broke ground on the site. They even shot drone video in 2015 showing the footprint of the school. Today it’s more than just a footprint. The school is coming together and the principal said they’re 75-percent done.

“The people of Baldwin County have wanted this for 40 years this all goes back 40 years so to see it actually happening coming up from the ground, it’s very exciting for everyone involved,” said Weber. Total enrollment will be 400 but they’ll only start next school year with freshman and sophomores, no upperclassmen.

“I think it’s really tough for kids to start a high school somewhere else and then to come out of that high school and back into this high school,” said Weber. The school is surrounded by construction equipment now, but by the fall it should be surrounded by students.