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What's Working: Shelter providing homes for pregnant moms and their babies

ELBERTA, Ala. (WKRG) - Women in crisis pregnancies are finding hope at a unique women's shelter in Baldwin County. It's called Good Counsel Mary's Shelter Gulf Coast.  It is located in Elberta.

Good Counsel Mary's Shelter Gulf Coast has been a resource for women for the past eleven years. The goal is to give them a safe place to have their babies and then assist them in getting back on their feet.

Director Kay Trattles says they do not discriminate about who they are able to house. They help the women even if they are addicted to drugs or have a mental illness. They encourage the women to learn how to support themselves and how to be good mothers.

"Our mission is to help homeless pregnant moms gain a greater education, get a job, and transition to independent living, and be good moms. We want them to be able to support themselves and their children," Trattles said.

News 5 talked to mother, Katelyn Springer. She has lived at the shelter for the past fifteen months. She came in when she was five months pregnant, and now her baby, Luke, is ten months old. She says she had nowhere else to turn. She is close to being able to move out on her own. 

"This is the best thing that could have happened to us," Springer said.

Good Counsel Mary's Shelter also provides childcare for the mothers while they are at work or in school.

If you don't have daycare, how can you go to school, or go to work? Not everyone has a family structure that allows a family member to care for their children, Trattles shared with News 5.

Trattles went on to say, "The new moms are my heroes because I watch them blossom from a scared, broken woman to wonderful moms who will go on to, I hope, change the world."

Last year, the shelter helped fifty-five pregnant women here on the Gulf Coast.

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