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Shark spotted at Perdido Key

PERDIDO KEY, Fla (WDHN) - Beachgoers in Perdido Key had to get out of the crystal clear water after a shark was spotted swimming extremely close to shore.

Caroline Chilton caught the scene on her phone.

"The beach had maybe 80 people spread out with tons of families," Chilton said. "I was just getting up to leave because I saw the storm coming. Then I saw this dark shape in the water, and I thought it was just a big fish until I saw the dorsal fin and the way it was swimming."

Chilton then rushed to warn parents who had toddlers swimming a short distance away of the danger nearing them.

"After I took the video I realized there were a ton of parents with children near the Eden Condominiums in the water, and they had no idea, so I started running towards them. A few parents were calm about it, but when the people next to them heard me saying what I saw, they started yelling, “Shark!” to the adults that were out further in the water. There was only just a little panicking and in a few minutes, everyone was crowded on the beach watching it swim by. The shark probably wasn’t big enough to attack an adult, but there was snorkeling children, ya know? That could have been scary."

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