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Preparations for Arts and Crafts Festival begin in Fairhope

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) -- The 67th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival is coming to downtown Fairhope this weekend.

A towing order begins on all downtown streets at 5 p.m. Thursday so artists can set up their booths.

This year, about 600 people applied to take part in the festival, and about 200 made the cut. Twenty-five states are represented.

About 115 volunteers work year-round to make the event possible.

"It's organized chaos, that's all I can really call it," said Festival Chairperson Jodi Keating. "But these artists are like a family. All these artists, they know each other, it's a time for them to come together and see each other and for them to see us again. So it's like a lot of homecoming stuff going on, and people are just so excited to come to Fairhope."

Vendor Dean Santini, who is in town for the fourth year in a row, said the hospitality in Fairhope keeps him coming back.

"A lot of store owners feel as if we're impeding on their businesses, but not in Fairhope,"  he said. "They embrace us. Every store takes down a couple of the vendors' names and they open hospitality, they let us use the restroom."

The festival officially begins Friday at 10 a.m.

For updates on the event, you can test "ARTS" to 888777.

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