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Missing schnauzer, returned to Baldwin County Animal Shelter

SUMMERDALE, Ala. (WKRG) - The schnauzer, formerly known as "Sosa", was matted and almost unrecognizable as a schnauzer when he was picked up on the streets of Robertsdale.  He was thought to be "Sosa" missing from Fairhope for more than two years.  After a trip to the groomer, it was clear he is not.

"He had so many knots, we could tell, we knew he was not altered but she never told us her dog had been neutered," says shelter director Gina Jones. "She kept saying it was her dog and he acted like he knew her and the pictures she had were identical to him, I mean, spitting image of this little dog."

Returned to the shelter Wednesday morning, the search for his rightful owner continues according to Jones.  "We will figure out who the owner is and why he was in the shape he was in when we got him."

The focus of all this attention seems a little skittish in his new surroundings but shelter staff says there is great interest in the little fella and he will have no trouble finding a forever home.

Two people have already contacted the shelter that also believes this is their missing dog.

There is a seven-day hold on any animal brought into the shelter which allows the owner time to claim their pet.  After that, the animal is available for adoption.

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