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Different agencies study crash site before NTSB arrival

ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) - Before federal investigators arrived on the scene of the tour bus crash, there was a lot of activity along I-10.  

In the ravine, you could see a group of men in yellow vests.  One group is there as private investigators hired by the bus company.  The others are employees of ALDOT.  They had been doing surveying along I-10 related to the aftermath of the crash.  

We also had members of law enforcement on both sides of I-10.  They were slowing traffic down to keep the workers safe.  Earlier in the morning, we saw people pull over and take a look at that ravine. Normally this is a spot on the interstate people would zip by and not give it a second thought.  Because of what happened Tuesday, this normally forgotten spot has now gained new significance.  

We saw the first arrival of those private investigators.  They paced both sides of I-10 and took note of anything they thought was significant.   This is just part of the process as a number of agencies try to learn more about what happened in this bus crash.  

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