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COLD CASE: Body of Florida man found in Alabama woods

Roy Landon Scott's money and wallet were missing


It’s a case that’s been cold since 1997, with investigators in two states unable to find the person, or persons, who killed 43-year-old Roy Landon Scott.

Scott was a manual laborer who lived in Pace. His wife last saw him on September 7, 1997.

“According to his wife he had some cash in his pocket, approximately $1000 cash,” said Det. Andre Reid with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. “It was believed to be bill money, that he was going to use it to pay the bills the family had.”

Scott did not come home and was reported missing two days later. Police believe that Scott saw some friends in Cantonment before he disappeared.

On September 14, 1997, Scott’s body was discovered in some woods in far eastern Baldwin County, north of Interstate-10, just off Highway-112, less than a half mile from the Florida state line. Someone spotted Scott’s El Camino. When deputies investigated, they found his body not far away

“Within about 100 feet from his vehicle, they discovered Mr. Scott’s body,” Reid said.

Scott was still wearing an expensive gold watch but other valuables were gone.

“He did not have the money on him,” he said. “That $1000 that his wife last saw him with was not on his person. He also did not have a wallet on him.”

A number of items were found around the crime scene - bottles, cigarettes, a button. But investigators don’t know if they were just litter, there before the crime took place, or if they are connected to the killer.

Scott had been shot in the head. Twice. Investigators say, however, that there were no signs that he had been killed in the woods. That has made solving the case more difficult.

“Without a crime scene where trace evidence is left behind: spent shell casings, fingerprints, shoe prints, and those sort of things - without that - it makes the case much harder,” Reid said.

If the body were moved there, though, it does make it more likely that more than one person knows who killed Roy Landon Scott.

“You know many time people have to elicit help, especially if you have to move a body, it’s heavy, it’s cumbersome, and so, you may see where the suspect actually gets help,” said Reid.

And that gives Reid hope that one day the case could be solved.

Scott did have a criminal record on drug charges, but investigators say by all accounts he had put that all behind them.

Evidence collected at the scene is still warehoused in Baldwin County for possible DNA testing if it is ever needed.


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