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Band director continues recovery after tour bus crash.

Channelview, TX (WKRG) - Aaron Allison says he has a long road to recovery but he's thankful to be recovering at all.  Allison spoke to News 5 from a rehab facility Sunday morning.  

"I remember waking up to a very bumpy road and seeing we were going across the median I was yelling at the driver to see if maybe he fell asleep and moved behind him started shaking him," said Allison.  "Then I look up and see we're going into oncoming traffic and I see two semi trucks coming right at us so at that point I stop shaking the driver and grab the wheel and turn it to the right to get us out of that way."  The band director says he's also very thankful for first responders.  He says it's a blessing that something so terrible can bring out the very best in people.  

"There were people from all over the country sent in gift cards, well wishes, the group in Florida and Alabama were great they catered to everything we needed," said Allison.  Beloved bus driver Harry Caligone was the only fatality.  Allison says one student remains in a Pensacola hospital while six others still recover at home in Texas.

"I’ll always worry was there something else I could have done to prevent so many injuries, I know it wasn’t anyone’s fault, it was a freak accident but I feel bad a lot of my students will be emotionally hurt from this for quite some time as well," said Allison.  They're still raising money for outstanding medical expenses and other needs stemming from the crash.  You can find a link to the fundraising site here.  

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