Travel almost any road in Baldwin County and it’s easy to see there is a lot of people here and it’s not just the beaches that are bringing them.

“I think the quality of life down here is fabulous,” says John Pisarkidwicz who moved to Fairhope from Virginia. “The taxes are lower here in general except for the sales tax.”

Four thousand people moved to Baldwin County last year bumping the county population to over 200 thousand.

“Foley, Fairhope and the Daphne metro areas are kind of where we’re seeing significant growth in particular,” says county commissioner Chris Elliott.

Those numbers reflected in new housing construction, the amount of traffic, but to keep up with the growth Elliott says the key is economic diversity. “We have a great tourism industry in the county but one of the things I’m focused on is diversifying our economy. So, if there is another hurricane, if there is another oil spill or something like that, we don’t have the catastrophic stop in county revenues and in the overall economy in Baldwin County.”

Whether a long-time resident or a newcomer, “I like it over here because of the water and the people over here are really nice,” says newcomer Shelia Turner.

Baldwin County seems to be the place to be.

The census numbers are from July of 2014 to July 2015. Madison and Lee counties also showed significant growth during the same period.