Spanish Fort, AL (WKRG)

Federal investigators claim Dr. Richard Snellgrove prescribed drugs that led to the death of 3 Doors Down guitarist Matthew Roberts.  In the criminal complaint a federal agent writes:

“Dr. Snellgrove prescribed Controlled Substances to Matthew Roberts for no legitimate medical purposes and outside the usual course of professional practice.”  An unnamed subject in the complaint described Dr. Snellgrove as a ‘celebrity junkie’ and said the guitarist had a tight relationship with the doctor he called “Snelly”.

The complaint claims Dr. Snellgrove prescribed Matthew Roberts controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose for at least six years.  The document also claims Snellgrove also wrote prescriptions for other people knowing they would go to Roberts.  It claims Snellgrove wrote at least two prescriptions in late August for Roberts that contributed to his death. Snellgrove has been indicted for illegal drug distribution related to the death of the guitarist.  The cause of death is multiple medication intoxication which included fentanyl, hydrocodone, and alprazolam.  We interviewed the doctor earlier this year when a car plowed through his business in Spanish Fort.

You can read the federal complaint here.  The federal indictment is posted as well.  We spoke to Snellgrove’s attorney who says his client did nothing illegal and acted within the bounds of common medical practice.

Dr. Snellgrove appropriately prescribed the medication, if Mr. Roberts took the medication in some manner not consistent with the medication that’s not something Dr. Snellgrove could control, said Attorney Dennis Knizley.  The attorney was critical of the federal government that he says is targeting doctors who are prescribing opioid medications for legit medical uses.

“Anytime a person passes away as a result of or received some opioid medication in or about the time of his death it’s not fashionable to indict doctors for, they do it all over the country and they’re doing it in our community,” said Knizley.