UPDATE (06/15/2015): Gov. Robert Bentley has appointed Judge Scott Taylor to the circuit court vacancy left by Judge Robert Wilters, effective June 22.

ROBERTSDALE, AL Two months ago Baldwin County Circuit Court Judge Robert Wilters announced his retirement. “It’s time to stop and smell the roses.”

It may have been the shortest retirement on record. “Lasted about three days and that was about it,” he says from his father’s old law office in Robertsdale.

Now he is going after what he considers the most important job in Baldwin County. “You’re the attorney for the citizens of Baldwin County and that’s a tremendous responsibility. I think I’m ready for that.”

The District Attorney’s office has made headlines throughout the tenure of current D.A. Hallie Dixon for all the wrong reasons.

“There just appears to be, I won’t say total chaos.” Wilters wants to change that. “There is definitely a lack of leadership in the district attorney’s office and with that lack of leadership it trickles down to the assistants and investigators and everybody in the office and it’s time for a change in leadership there.”

Dixon is ready for the challenge. “If the people of this county want me to be their D.A., they’ll have a D.A. that doesn’t get swayed by politics but gets swayed by justice that’ll be me.”

Surrounded by the law books and photos of his father, Harry Wilters, Jr., whom many considered a legal legend in Baldwin County, Wilters believes his Dad would approve of his decision. “I think that he would be proud for me to do this. I think he would see the same problems that everybody else is seeing.”

A couple of other names had been mentioned as possible candidates for district attorney. It appears now with Wilters in the race those other candidates have changed their plans.

Wilters kicks off his campaign for district attorney next week with a county-wide tour.