BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Three students were arrested in Baldwin County this week for making threats to their schools. This happened at Daphne High School, Spanish Fort High School, Elberta Middle School and Fairhope Middle School.

The incident at Fairhope Middle School is the only case that so far has not led to an arrest.

School Superintendent Eddie Tyler sent a message home to parents about this. He also reiterated that message when we interviewed him.

“We’re not laughing, it’s not a joke to us. It’s not a joke to parents and to employees,” he said.

Few details have been released about the threats themselves. But in Spanish Fort, police say the student made the comment on campus before class started. Chief Dave Edgar tells us students heard the threat and reported it. The student is 14 years old.

Below is the full email Tyler sent home to parents.

This is Baldwin County Superintendent Eddie Tyler. We’ve had a great kickoff to school but I have a very concerning message. I need your help. 
Since school started, there have been some threats made by students at our schools regarding potential violent or terroristic activities. In my heart I believe these may be the ramblings of young kids who don’t understand the impact of their words but our police departments and our security teams take these matters very seriously.
I am asking you as parents to please have a conversation with your children about the seriousness of words and threats in today’s school environment.
Joking around about having a gun, blowing up a school or shooting students will be met with a swift response by law enforcement and our administration. It is going to result in immediate disciplinary action, if not criminal charges.
While I need your help, I don’t want to create additional worry about the safety of your children. According to law enforcement, at no time have Baldwin County students been in jeopardy but these threats are taken very seriously and the students who made them have been dealt with accordingly. Responding to these threats takes away serious personnel power for law enforcement and our administration, and in many cases, the children are shocked when they learn of the discipline they will be facing.
I beg of you, please take just a few minutes – at your earliest opportunity –  to have a conversation one-on-one with your children about how important it is for them to refrain from making any jokes or allowing their emotions to overpower their brain and say things about guns, violence or other terroristic activities that will be taken as threats.
Thank you very much for your time and remain Baldwin Proud!