PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A man has been arrested after police say he showed up to a local hospital Thursday acting in an aggressive manner towards nurses and police officers.

A private security officer at Sacred Heart Hospital said George Lee was trying to take a baby from a nurse in the pediatric ward on the fourth floor. The officer said the infant was in danger of getting hurt, but the baby was safely placed into a car seat. Lee said he wanted to take his babies to West Florida Hospital but staff said the children were in need of medical attention and could not be removed from the hospital.

Staff said the other hospital did not have the facilities to property take care of the babies. The babies were in hospital since March 2022 with failure to thrive conditions due to being born prematurely and not receiving enough nourishment at home.

Lee said he has emergency custody of the children. Hospital staff said he has argued with them several times since taking charge of the children and Lee tells them what to do and how to feed the babies.

Police say Lee showed signs of impairment. They say his eyes were droopy, speech was slightly slurred and his manual dexterity was sluggish. Officers say he appeared to have difficulty following directions.

A nurse told police she was in a room with the babies and a few nurses when they were trying to explain to Lee what they were doing. A witness said Lee was heard swearing at doctors and nurses to not do anything to the babies and he wanted to take them to West Florida Hospital. The nurse said she went to another room and was feeding the baby when Lee walked in in a “very aggressive manner,” according to the arrest report. The nurse said Lee started grabbing and pulling at the baby.

Officers were with Lee outside the hospital. They said Lee resisted arrest, he was swearing at officers and kicked an officer in the chest. Lee had to be dragged into the vehicle.

Police found a loaded pistol in Lee’s car along with methamphetamine and diazepam. The gun was found inside a tan bag that police say he was reaching into as soon as officers got on scene. Officers didn’t find out a loaded gun was inside the bag until later in the investigation.

DCF is taking charge of the babies to make sure they receive proper medical attention at Sacred Heart Hospital.