Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Next weekend the USA Jaguars have a tough opponent in the San Diego State University Aztecs.

In the stands will be a life-long Aztecs fan with a special Mobile connection. It’s a former USS Alabama Crewman. When it comes to Aztecs football, you’ll find no bigger fan than Tom Ables.

“Even at age 90, I still stand except during timeouts, I still stand through the whole game, everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I still enjoy doing it,” said Tom Ables via Facetime. It’s something he’s been doing for 70 years. He racked up an attendance streak of 600 straight games. A month before he enrolled at SDSU he finished a tour aboard a very familiar ship, the USS Alabama. On the weekend of the game, he’ll also be coming back to Battleship Park to check out the ship he once served on.

“I want to get back down, way below deck and be in my engine room, make sure everything works and they still have that weird coffee maker they had,” said Ables. Tom Ables get a chance to revisit the place he called home and work more than seven decades later and then take in a game that’s been a big part of his life since the navy.

“That will be a very emotional thing for me and combining it with the game, two things that are special, big parts of my life; you can imagine how special that whole day will be. The game will be his 774th but Ables thinks he can get to 1000. Last year the Jaguars upset the Aztecs in a 34 to 27 overtime win.